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What должен не быть помещенный in the thermos?

Holding a thermos flask is a common phenomenon in our life, but if the mug is used incorrectly, it will endanger our health. Next let us see what can't be put into the thermos?

1. Acidic drinks.

Most vacuum bottles are made of stainless steel, so it is not easy to use them for acidic reactions.

2. Carbonated drinks.

Put the carbonated beverage in a thermos bottle, cover it or shake it to make the gas look dangerous.

3. Tea

Because the thermos can maintain temperature, it is not a natural cold water state. If you use a mug to make tea, it is basically equivalent to boiling in warm water. The active ingredients in the tea disappeared.

4. Суповая еда.

Chinese soup contains salt and can easily react chemically with the cup wall. Transfer hazardous substances.

5. Молоко

The milk in the mug tends to cause the milk to deteriorate and some of the bacteria in the cup will not be cleaned. Finally, adding water will have an effect. Lead to disease.

6. Chinese medicine.

The content of traditional Chinese medicine soup is very complicated and placed in a thermos cup. A chemical reaction is performed to reduce the efficacy of the drug. It is easy to produce harmful substances harmful to the body.