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не использование эти четыре виды из water in a thermos cup. The опасность is so great. Someone имеет already имел an авария!


Many people like to drink hot water, and will also be equipped with a beautiful cup, it is more convenient to use it to hot water or tea, you can also carry it with you. However, very few people know that drinking water in a thermos cup actually has health risks. Someone has already had an accident!

По выходным родители организовали весенний тур, и дети были особенно счастливы. После пикника в полдень у ребенка начался понос и ему пришлось прекратить игру. Позже я спросил причину Бао, почему я знал, что это была высокая температура кружки.

The treasure mother put the milk brewed in the morning into the thermos cup, and the diarrhea appeared at noon because of the milk.

It used to be milk in a thermos cup. After a long time, drinking it will cause diarrhea. I believe many people didn't know it before. In fact, many parents will also make such mistakes, using a mug to bring hot milk to the school. Parents will pay more attention in the future, in fact, in addition to milk, the following four kinds of water can not be used in insulated cups!

Frist, Drinks rich in fat and protein
Некоторые люди кладут горячее молоко в термос. Однако этот метод позволяет микроорганизмам в молоке быстро размножаться при подходящей температуре, вызывая порчу и легко вызывая диарею и боль в животе. Когда молоко находится в высокотемпературной среде, витамины и другие питательные вещества будут разрушаться, а кислотные вещества в молоке будут химически реагировать с внутренней стенкой чашки, влияя на здоровье человека.
In addition to milk, soy milk, soy milk and other beverages rich in fat and protein, because the temperature is between 65-85 ° C, it is easy to deteriorate in the vacuum flask. It is best to drink it 1-2 hours after loading the cup.

Second, lemonade
The principle of heat preservation is: vacuum + stainless steel, reducing heat transfer to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. Therefore, the innermost layer is in contact with water and is stainless steel.
The disadvantage of using a thermos cup of lemonade is that the vitamin C in the lemon will be lost with the prolongation of the preservation time, and it will not play a role in whitening and health.
The second disadvantage is that the acid in the lemon will cause corrosion on the inner wall of the metal. If the internal stainless steel is made of a material with poor corrosion resistance, it will cause the heavy metal to move out.
Например, хром вреден для кожи, пищеварительной системы и дыхательной системы организма человека, а никель вреден для тканей, таких как печень и почки организма человека.
The inside of the cup is rusted and the acid is corroded, and the stainless steel is not up to standard. In addition to lemonade, other vegetable juices, salt-containing soups, etc., should not be placed in a thermos cup.

Third, carbonated drinks
One of the favorite drinks of modern young people, but not suitable for being placed in a thermos cup.
First of all, stainless steel is most afraid of strong acid. If a strong acid drink is loaded for a long time, it may cause damage to the inner liner and corrosive.
Secondly, the gas-filled beverage will release gas during the shaking process, causing the spill to spill when the beverage is spilled or opened.

Fourth, Chinese herbal tea or tea
Whether it is Chinese herbal tea or traditional Chinese medicine preparation, traditional Chinese medicine soup is not suitable for preservation in a thermos cup, because a lot of acidic substances are dissolved in the fried Chinese medicine, it is easy to react with the chemical substances contained in the inner wall of the heat preservation cup, and dissolve into the soup, The human body has an adverse effect.
If you use a thermos cup to make tea, soak the tea in high temperature, constant temperature water for a long time, just like boiling with warm fire. The vitamins in tea are destroyed a lot, the aromatic oil is volatilized, and the tannins and theophylline are leached in a large amount, which not only reduces the nutritional value of the tea, but also makes the tea juice tasteless, the tea tastes bitter, and may release heavy metal substances, which may be harmful to health. .

Friendly reminder: In order to drink healthy and safe, the choice of vacuum flask is also crucial.

Предложения по покупке кружки:

1. Select the glass liner
Стеклянная внутренняя чашка используется более широко, чем нержавеющая сталь, и в нее можно помещать как китайские лекарства, так и кислотные вещества.

2. Держитесь подальше от магазина за десять юаней
The local stainless steel is definitely inferior. According to research data, the qualification rate of the insulation cup below 50 yuan is only about 74%.

3. Только для воды
If you have a special use, you need to check the instructions, and the water in the vacuum cup is too long to drink.